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St Paul's Cathedral

The immense dome of St Paul's cathedral has stood above the London skyline for almost 300 years, an emblem of London's pride and courage. The cathedral, also known as the London Cathedral, was the masterpeice of the architect Sir Christopher Wren. The present building is the latest in a series of churches to have occupied this site.

Christopher Wren was commissioned by King Charles II to construct a model for a replacement cathedral following the Great Fire of London in 1666. This fire had burnt down most of the city of London. In 1675, Wren's third model was approved. St Paul's cathedral was completed in 1710, and is the fifth religious structure to have stood on this site (the first was a Roman temple dedicated to the Goddess Diana).

St Paul's Cathedral has been the setting for many famous events over the years, most notably it has been the location for the royal wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

Bird's Eye View of St Paul's Cathedral & Surrounding Area:

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