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London History

London stands on both banks of the River Thames, in the south-east of England.

With an area of approximately 720 square miles, it is together with New York and Tokyo, one of the three largest cities in the world.

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London area guide

London consists of several districts each with its own unique character, making this one of the world's greatest cities.

From the beautiful leafy areas of South Kensington to the exciting bright lights of the West End, all the way to the modern atmosphere of the financial district, there is something for everyone in London.

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Big Ben
One of London's most recognised landmarks, Big Ben is the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament . . . . .

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Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace has been the offical London home of the sovereign since it was built by the first Duke of Buckingham between 1701 and 1705 . . . . .

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Hyde Park
Hyde Park is one of the world's most famous parks, situated in the heart of central London . . . . .

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London Museums
Being a centre for culture, it is no wonder that London is filled with museums and galleries . . . . .

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Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus, at the heart of the West End in London, is the meeting point of some of London's most famous streets . . . . .

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St Paul's Cathedral
The immense dome of St Paul's cathedral has stood above the London skyline for almost 300 years, an emblem of London's pride and courage . . . . .

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Tower Bridge
Built between 1886 and 1894, Tower Bridge is another colossus of the London skyline . . . . .

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Tower of London
The Tower of london has always been a popular attraction in London. In fact it has been fascinating visitors for over 300 years . . . . .

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Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square was laid out in the 1820's in memory of the british naval hero, Admiral Nelson . . . . .

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Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey, situated by Parliament Square in the centre of London is regarded as the House of Kings . . . . .

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